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Crowded Tuatara
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The Rings of Power.. Oh yeah, if you're against this series, YOU'RE RACIST!!!

Nothing to do with the facts that;

>altering the lore at will
>changing the facts at will
>no exact story to follow
>the awesome writers at amazon will do what ever they want people to see
>producer is a gigantic money comes first corporation

I freakin' love this series already!!
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Distinct Blobfish
Glamorous Lynx
Tough Ningaui
Get a job guys
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Victorious Xenopoecilus
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Why work when you can receive free money?
Bewildered Ragdoll
they censored the n-word on an imageboard-esque site; no wonder it died
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Gleaming Eland
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saying gentleman sure makes a imageboard vivid
Open Viperfish
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Scary Camel
The only good gentleman is a dead gentleman
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Homely Kagu
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hi frends
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Graceful Urchin
hi guy

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