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Crowded Tuatara
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The Rings of Power.. Oh yeah, if you're against this series, YOU'RE RACIST!!!

Nothing to do with the facts that;

>altering the lore at will
>changing the facts at will
>no exact story to follow
>the awesome writers at amazon will do what ever they want people to see
>producer is a gigantic money comes first corporation

I freakin' love this series already!!
Crowded Tuatara
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>Peter Jackson's Oscar-winning films transformed Hollywood and kickstarted the modern thirst for fantasy epics, they were based on pre-existing source material (which this series is not) and cast overwhelmingly white actors.

Oh, I bet they will stay very loyal to the lore.

>Finally, a leading Tolkien academic who worked with director Peter Jackson on his original LOTR trilogy, Tom Shippey, was brought on to ensure the show would remain faithful to the source material, only to abruptly depart the project for no clear reason.

Yep, probably no reason at all!
Crowded Tuatara
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>Jeff Bezos’ new Lord of the Rings show is angering fans because it has Black dwarves. Seriously.

Oh look at these nerds getting angry because this one dwarf is black! Also I wonder why LotR is pretty much all white actors.. probably nothing to do with anything what Tolkien wrote or the area in Middle-Earth that the movie was in... nope.

>“Tolkien is for everyone,” said executive producer Lindsey Weber. "It felt only natural to us that an adaptation of Tolkien’s work would reflect what the world actually looks like."

My favorite fantasy is the kind that is just like real life (in the US), yep! More of that please!
Spotless Dolphin
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Spotless Dolphin
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Did someone mention virtue signaling :D
Tasty Fox
Just read the books and assume anything not by Tolkien is non-canon and you're all good.
Distinct Blobfish
Glamorous Lynx

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