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Epitto is a super secret community, where the whole site is handmade, the development is never stopped, and user opinion and preference are really heard. We want to make an honest social media platform where the topics themselves are the center of discussion, not the people discussing them. We are ready to take up the challenge to create unique spaces for the discerning ladies and gentlemen.

So, leave your top hat on the rack, but do not forget to whip out your monocle - it's compulsory. Then, pick a channel, the Epitto cabybara is eager to guide you to the pond.

epitto capybara

Epitto capybara wants to most sincerely welcome you.


Our Mission


Epitto does not require you to register or install anything on your device. You are able to access and use Epitto straight from a browser of your choice from any device. Our layout is designed to be as pleasant as possible, with carefully picked color themes and a user interface that you already know how to use.


Epitto is completely anonymous. With Epitto your data and privacy is secured. You will never be asked for any personal information that could be used to track you, and you are always able to delete all of your data from our site. Read more about privacy.

Freedom of Speech

We highly believe in the freedom of speech, question asking and independent thoughts. In Epitto you will have your voice heard as we do not moderate opinions we do not like or do not fit in the current way of thinking. We love hearing new ideas and also challenge them. Just be mindful of others, and you’ll do great! Read more about the rules.


Our community is close and still growing, and we want everyone to feel welcome. We wish to maintain a friendly and respectful community, and still make you feel able to express your opinions freely. We hope you keep the torch burning and be nice to others!

Top Picks

Random Crowded Tuatara
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The Rings of Power.. Oh yeah, if you're against this series, YOU'RE RACIST!!!

Nothing to do with the facts that;

>altering the lore at will
>changing the facts at will
>no exact story to follow
>the awesome writers at amazon will do what ever they want people to see
>producer is a gigantic money comes first corporation

I freakin' love this series already!!
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Random Stupid Hedgehog
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I found myself in a third world country
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Random Charming Tuna
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Let's talk about capitalism, are you in favor of it and in which way? Against? What do you think would be better and why?

I like the basic idea that you can be successful and it's because of what you did and managed to generate, but sometimes the game is not fair. Some people seem successful when they were just born rich, but don't get it wrong, they are not successful, they haven't done anything to be successful.

What's your stand?
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